Creating a platform for communication between science and practice in organic food system


Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Nowoursynowska 166
02-787 Warsaw, Poland


Contact person:

Prof. Ewa RembiaƂkowska

Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) is the oldest agricultural academic school in Poland. The research and education covers the entire field of agriculture related sciences. Mission of the University is to provide society with knowledge and education characterized by multidisciplinarity and internationality in the wide area of environmentally oriented sustainable development. Partnership will be based on the coordination of the Division of Organic Foodstuffs (Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences). Major research objectives of this Division are to evaluate the impact of organic production methods on the sensory and nutritive quality of agricultural crops, moreover to analyse the functioning, legal rules and development perspectives of organic farming in Poland in the light of European Union and to evaluate the potential impact of a diet based on organic foods on animal and human health.