Creating a platform for communication between science and practice in organic food system


International meetings, as well as local project activities, aim at elaboration of the best practice model of the knowledge transfer between science and practice in terms of identified problems in communication between them in organic food sector. The project’s partnership is expected to have influence on the participating institutions. Part of the project partners originated from the academic world. The project’s results are expected to up-date the educational programme in terms of organic agriculture and organic foodstuffs. Apart from that the project is expected to have an impact on institutions from the world of work. Results and outcomes of the project will enhance the attractiveness of Vocational Education and Trainings offered by these institutions because the results will be introduced into the programs of professional trainings. This will lead to increase the level of knowledge and professional qualifications among the students and trainees. This will facilitate higher professional development and bigger competitiveness on the labor market.
Realisation of the project with the multi-international scope comprising the active involvement of universities, associations, representatives from the world of work should be great opportunity for creation good relationships and perspectives for the future cooperation within the organic farming sector.